We Offer Individualized and Affordable Learning

At Knowledgette, we believe that individuals have different prior knowledge and different professional goals, and therefore different learning needs. Our platform enables professionals start from the most appropriate point for themselves, follow an individualized path through the topics they need, and conduct their learning in small bites at the most relevant and convenient time.

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Our Instructors

  • Industry leaders such as SMEs from Shell, Chevron, and many others
  • Distinguished Lecturers from such as SPE, SEG, AAPG, and SPWLA
  • Professors from top universities
  • Experienced trainers
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Our Courses

  • Basic knowledge: The basics for each discipline such as petroleum geology, geophysics, engineering and petrophysics

  • Industry Gap: Courses to fill the gap between school and job

  • Experience Gap: Courses to fill the gap between earlier career and expert

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Our Videos

  • Shorter videos to help your brain absorb information
  • Dynamic annotation and animation to help you follow the lectures
  • Closed captions on each video for our global audience to grasp the technical terms

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Short and dynamic video lectures to achieve the best learning experience.

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New lectures are added into our library each week.

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